Deep in the modular trenches of bidule

The Bidule Tutorials


Welcome to the Bidule Tutorials for #plpheads.  This series will provide step by step lessons detailing how the instruments were built.  These tutorials are meant to be helpful to anyone interested in learning both basic and advanced concepts in Bidule.  They will be presented beginning with introductory concepts and then going into each of the instruments one by one.

At the end of most lessons there will be one or more Bidule groups created.  Users should follow the lessons to build the groups themselves, studying them and the concepts with in them.  The groups themselves are hosted in a github repository.  We encourage users to where applicable improve or expand upon the functionality of the groups themselves, participating in the collaborative nature of Bidule.  All contributions will be thoroughly reviewed and, where applicable, included in the final builds of the instruments.

It should be noted that this project was initially developed for the monome 40h(64) and as such all of the tutorials and groups are designed for use on the 8×8 grid.  We would really appreciate involvement from users of the 128 and 256 models who are interested in expanding the functionality for use with these models.

The lessons are broken up into sections, the first couple you can see below.  New sections will be added as the series progresses.  You can follow the blog for notifications of when lessons are added and new sections are announced.

I. Basic Concepts

1) Basic Cabling & Your Default Layout
2) Parameter Linking – Building the TrigIn and abc Groups
3) Creating the Mid-Side Encode Decode Group
4) Introducing the monome to Bidule Via Open Sound Control

II. The Control Center

1) Basic Metronome (Metronome)
2) Sync Extractor & OSC Variables (OSCVarSend & OSCVarReceive)
3) Monome Metronome Display (TempoLights)
4) Paging System (Paging)
5) Sequencer Metronome (SequencerMetronome)

III. The nsMpLR